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This actions plugin will enable the developer to check POP3 mailboxes and download message bodies (HTML and/or plain text messages are supported). Both unencrypted and encrypted (TLS/SSL) connections can be established with the mail server.

This plugin works with AutoPlay Media Studio 8 and Setup Factory 9.

A sample project for AutoPlay Media Studio 8 is provided in the installer.


Click to downloadFile size: 1.52 MB
Current version:
Updated: April 2014

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SUF Script Explorer

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Unlike AutoPlay Media Studio, Setup Factory does not come with a script explorer tool. In order to still quickly locate where a certain variable is defined or used, where a function is called, or to perform a quick refactoring of an existing project without resorting to a text editor for searching in a huge XML document, SUF Script Explorer was developed.

Click image to view a short demonstration


  • Open and inspect Setup Factory projects quickly;
  • See immediately a list of all screens in both the install and uninstall sequences;
  • See a list of all event scripts for each of the dialogs;
  • See which events actually have scripts, and aren't completely empty or feature just comments (single or multiline);
  • Perform searches for a certain word - which can be a function or variable name;
  • Replace one text with another, in every script it appears - both during install and uninstall, without needing to step manually through every script of all screens in the Setup Factory IDE;
  • Invoke the Indigo Rose script editor to perform a quick change of any script just by clicking a button or double-clicking the script name in the tree;
  • Save the changed project file, while making a backup copy of the former version. Your existing project file is renamed and kept intact. You can always return to the former version, should you make a mistake or something does not work as expected.

Subscription Validation

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This software package allows a software publisher who uses TrueUpdate or Visual Patch with his products the easy implementation of subscription validation. The update client will submit the serial number to a remote server, performing an online check of the subscription. The encrypted reply will contain among other information a status code which can be used to prevent the updater from proceeding if the subscription is expired, or deny the download of updaters/patches if the serial was blacklisted.

The subscription validation can be added to your new or existing update client via a Scrolling HTML or a Custom screen, for example:

Of course, the look and feel of the validation screen (if you show one at all in your updater) is entirely for you to decide. The above is just a suggestion, and shows the dialog I used during my development and tests.


  • TrueUpdate or Visual Patch
  • Crypto Actions plugin or Mcrypt plugin (part of this package)
  • PHP-enabled web server
  • MySQL database server


Using the online subscription administration system as proposed in this project, the software publisher can build update clients that will check for a valid subscription, or verify if a serial was deactivated, before downloading a new version or a patch. Here are some of the benefits this system offers:

  • Update clients build with TrueUpdate can check the state of a subscription before attempting to download a newer version;
  • A patch built with Visual Patch can verify that the user's serial is entitled to the patch;
  • Optional geolocation tracking of update checks;
  • Optional automatic blacklisting of serials if requests for a single serial number come from several countries, indicating a leak of the serial on the internet;
  • Integration with the Serial Number Validation system or can be used stand alone;
  • Custom reply per serial, which can be any string or number you might want to use to control which updates are available to the user.

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