SQL Server 2014 Express

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This is a set of dependency modules for Setup Factory, and it can be used if you need to deploy SQL Server 2014 Express Edition (Database Only), 32 or 64-bit, on your client's computer.

SQL Server 2014 Express installer needs the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, as well as Windows Installer 4.5. It also requires PowerShell 2.0, which is part of recent operating systems, but may be needed for ancient computers. SQL Server 2014 Express also requires the .NET Framework 4, but this is included in the installer, and deployed if not already available.

The installers for SQL Server 2014 Express Edition (Database Only) provided by Microsoft are broken, and won't allow an unattended installation. For this reason, custom built installers for this edition of SQL Server can be downloaded as part of this dependency module package.



MSI Factory Project Refactoring

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When you wish to create or derive a new MSI Factory project from an existing project, you can use this utility to generate new GUIDs, so you won't cause Windows Installer compatibility issues when both projects - the original and the new - are deployed on the same target computer.

Sample progress of the utility


  • Replaces Package ID GUID;
  • Replaces Upgrade code GUID;
  • Replaces GUIDs of all Components in the project;
  • Save to use: The converted project file will have a "-new" suffix in the file name, for example, "sample.msifact" will be saved as "sample-new.msifact".



SUF Script Explorer

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Unlike AutoPlay Media Studio, Setup Factory does not come with a script explorer tool. In order to still quickly locate where a certain variable is defined or used, where a function is called, or to perform a quick refactoring of an existing project without resorting to a text editor for searching in a huge XML document, SUF Script Explorer was developed.

Click image to view a short demonstration


  • Open and inspect Setup Factory projects quickly;
  • See immediately a list of all screens in both the install and uninstall sequences;
  • See a list of all event scripts for each of the dialogs;
  • See which events actually have scripts, and aren't completely empty or feature just comments (single or multiline);
  • Perform searches for a certain word - which can be a function or variable name;
  • Replace one text with another, in every script it appears - both during install and uninstall, without needing to step manually through every script of all screens in the Setup Factory IDE;
  • Invoke the Indigo Rose script editor to perform a quick change of any script just by clicking a button or double-clicking the script name in the tree;
  • Save the changed project file, while making a backup copy of the former version. Your existing project file is renamed and kept intact. You can always return to the former version, should you make a mistake or something does not work as expected.



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