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With the aid of two plugins, one Actions plugin and one Object plugin, true multithreading is now available for AutoPlay Media Studio.

Until now, if you needed to run an external program and get the exit code, your AutoPlay application would need to wait until the external application ended processing. With the Multithread plugins, you can now start the external application, continue to work in your AutoPlay application, and still retrieve the exit code when the external application is terminated.

Not only can you retrieve the exit code, but you also can set a maximum amount of time for the external application to run. If the application is still executing when the time runs out, the program is terminated and a specific return code is sent to your AutoPlay application.

Although multithreading, semaphores and process synchronization is a fairly complex matter, all this is kept "under the hood". You will need to use only two actions - one for each plugin, to start and monitor external applications successfully.

Action Wizard

Starts a new thread, creates a new process to run an executable (*.exe), and monitors its status.

You can set a timeout for the external application, preventing it from running longer as desired, if needed.


Installer for AutoPlay Media Studio 8

Click to downloadFile size: 3.56 MB
Current version:
Updated: January 2013

AutoPlay Media Studio 8 Demo project (*.apz)

Click to downloadFile size: 2.54 MB
Updated: February 2011

AutoPlay Media Studio 8 Demo project (*.exe)

Click to downloadFile size: 5.98 MB
Updated: February 2011


These plugins will work fully for 14 days. After this evaluation period, or if you are using the software as part of an application sold or given to others, you will need to purchase a license. Please use the form below to send your hardware key. The cost for this plugin bundle is US$ 16.50.

Sorry, product currently unavailable for instant purchase. You can order this product after May 8, 2016.

Don't have AutoPlay Media Studio?

If you want to purchase a license for AutoPlay Media Studio 8, now is a good time! You can get 10% off the list price simply by clicking the banner below:



# Dean 2012-08-26 16:47

The MultiThread plugin works great! It allowed me to overcome a problem interfering with my application development.

Easy to install, and great customer service

Thanks Ulrich!
# Supriya Naik 2014-02-07 03:56
Just wanted to know to purchase the plugin, the hardware key is for the development machine or we have purchase license for each user we distribute the product using Autoplay plugins.
# admin 2014-02-07 08:44
Only the development computer requires a license.
# Haleck 2014-05-09 21:27
The MultiThread plugin works better than I was expecting it too, No more application hangs for my current projects. Thanks for your work Ulrich.

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