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Our company, MindQuake Serviços de Informática, founded 17 years ago and located in São Paulo - Brazil, specialized itself in internet-oriented programming.

We have years of experience using the development tools published by Indigo Rose. While we were selected to provide official support for customers of these fine products, we also offer independent consulting services, as a third party:

Customers of AutoPlay Media Studio, Autorun MAX!, Setup Factory, TrueUpdate, MSI Factory and Visual Patch can reach us through our contact page, should they need assistance to accomplish their projects.

We also developed a series of plugins, some paid, others free to use even in commercial projects, to expand the functionality of these products even further.

AutoPlay Media Studio User Interface

Our tools have been installed thousands of times (at least 31659 times and counting), and are used daily by developers worldwide.

Additionally, we can help you to localize your product for the Brazilian market, translating resources and documentation.


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