Consulting Services for Indigo Rose products

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Since November 2008, MindQuake is providing customer service, as an independent contractor, for all users of Indigo Rose software development products:

  • AutoPlay Media Studio

  • Setup Factory

  • TrueUpdate

  • MSI Factory

  • Visual Patch

  • Autorun MAX!

We also offer independent consulting services as a third party, and we definitely can help you if you are running into difficulties while trying to finish your project. You can find us on the list of consultants at the Indigo Rose web site.

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“I spent at least a week trying to figure out a couple of tricky issues. I finally gave up and commissioned MindQuake to do it. They had it done if 4 hours. The results were what I wanted and the price was right. I wish I would have made the decision sooner. Next time I will know better. Highly recommended.”
Dale Shetler
Hertzler Systems

“I commissioned their expertise to complete a complex project I had commenced in AutoPlay Studio, and of which had morphed into somewhat of a disaster. Over several weeks, Ulrich Peters harnessed his technical expertise to make very major enhancements and improvements. In particular, I had a rather complex database requirement that necessitated Ulrich stripping away incorrect code and fixing numerous bugs, due to errors made from another developer that I had employed prior to learning about MindQuake (a very costly exercise!). All up, Ulrich changed around 22,000 lines of code and inserted or removed thousands more! Ulrich also weaved his magic in putting some finishing touches to my program that gave it a professional boost, in addition to providing consultancy and advice on a few areas I was unsure of.
Throughout the entire time in working with Ulrich, I appreciated his professionalism, dedication, attention to detail, and strong skills. His attitude of 'nothing is too much trouble' was extremely refreshing, as too the constant contact and updates throughout the entire project. Ulrich had an excellent ability to understand exactly what I wanted. I can honestly say that without his expertise, my project would never have eventuated.”
Tara West
Aussie Résumés Pty Limited

“MindQuake really pulled us out of a jam. We had problems with folder rights that were affecting our trial installations. We contacted them and within hours they delivered a very well built Setup Factory module. A+ !!”
William "Dee" Giarratano
Takeoff Live

“My experience with Ulrich has been excellent. He not only understood the technical issues, he took time to explain those issues and offer alternative options. Once we had made a decision on a option, Ulrich offered other suggestions with final results that exceeded expectations. Correspondence was prompt, delivery exceptionally quick, and once again, the communication received with the product left no questions. What a great world it would be if everyone provided the quality and service I received from Ulrich.”
Ron Dabbs
InSpec Media

“Your work is excellent.
I especially appreciated the comments you placed explaining your coding.
I am extremely grateful for your help here.”
Peter Zulim
AccessLaw, Inc.

“Ulrich and MindQuake have been able to go above and beyond our consulting and programming needs, we recommend MindQuake highly.”
Kevin Rowe

“KSF International had a need to quickly deliver a project for one of our clients that required a customized Windows installer. We selected the Indigo Rose MSI Factory development package as it provided the best value for money of the products we evaluated. Having never built installers before, and having a short delivery window, we contacted MindQuake for assistance in both building the installer as well as transferring knowledge. MindQuake responded by building a customized installer for us in a very short time frame and working with us to test and deploy our application. When a custom resource to install SQL Server 2008 was required, MindQuake responded by developing the resource again in a very short time frame. As we began working with the installer, MindQuake responded within an hour in most cases to our technical queries and took the time to explain the how and why enabling us to self-maintain the installer after development.
At KSF, we do not have frequent need to build installers, having a resource like MindQuake to assist us rather than stumbling through the intricacies of installer development is extremely cost effective. As MindQuake see many different installer situations and operating system configurations, the breadth of knowledge that they bring to a project provides added benefits in robust installer development.
We are very impressed with MindQuake and look forward to working with them in the future on other installer packages.
Thomas E. Lahey
KSF International Inc

“You are really expert and solved my problem fast. I'm grateful for your kind help and assistance.
I'll definitively use your services again soon.
It's hard to find someone like you nowadays.
Michael Manager

“I was very pleased with your assistance and will definitely use your services if required in the future.”
Ed Prestwood
CyberSoft, Inc.


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