• Actions Plugins ( 15 Articles )

    Actions plugins are used to expand the possibilities of AutoPlay Media Studio, Setup Factory, TrueUpdate and Visual Patch with new functions.

  • Object Plugins ( 3 Articles )

    Object plugins are used to show new type of content and provide new events that can be triggered on pages and dialogs of projects built with AutoPlay Media Studio.

  • Dependencies ( 22 Articles )

    Dependencies are used to test for the existence of certain technologies before continuing with the script - which can be a project built with AutoPlay Media Studio, or an installer built with Setup Factory, updaters using TrueUpdate and/or Visual Patch, or a bootstrapper of an installer built with MSI Factory. If the required technology is not yet installed, a dependency module can be used to prompt the user to install it, or interrupt the current script.

    If you need a specific dependency module not yet found here, please contact me: I may be able to develop it for you quickly and for a reasonable cost.

  • Indigo Rose developer products ( 6 Articles )

    Get fully licensed Indigo Rose software for less here!

    Not only can you purchase the products here for a lower price than on the publisher web site, you may also ask for one commercial plugin of your choice for free. To claim your free plugin, please provide the order reference (invoice number) you received from Indigo Rose, which should be a 8-digit number, when you contact me.

    Examples of what you can get for free:

    This offer is valid only for purchases placed through the links provided on the pages below, and excludes Autorun MAX!, as it doesn't accept plugins.

  • Page Transitions ( 4 Articles )
    Page transitions are used to bring additional kinds of animation, color or transparency effects when jumping from one page to another in finished AutoPlay Media Studio projects.
  • Custom Screens ( 4 Articles )
    In this section you will find some custom screens you may freely use in your own installers built with Setup Factory.
  • Example Projects ( 17 Articles )
    Here you will find several sample applications built with AutoPlay Media Studio, Setup Factory or MSI Factory that you can study and learn from.
  • Example Code ( 7 Articles )
    In this category you can find several Lua code samples, showing how you can perform specific tasks.
  • Utilities ( 12 Articles )
    Small programs or scripts that help to solve specific issues when working with software installers or updaters.

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