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With this plugin, users of AutoPlay Media Studio, Setup Factory, TrueUpdate and Visual Patch can perform character transformations between different types of encodings. This plugin recognizes 76 different encodings that can be used in transformations of strings and files.

This plugin is an expanded and more powerful version of the free Unicode actions plugin, which you also can find on this same web site.

Besides the functions available in the Unicode plugin, this version also features functions to convert strings directly from one encoding to another, as well as text file conversions without the need to import them into strings or tables and then write them back to disk.

Action Wizard


Click to downloadFile size: 6.89 MB
Current version:
Updated: March 2015


The plugin will work fully for 14 days. After this evaluation period, you will need to purchase a license for the program if you wish to continue to use it. Please use the button below to place your order. The cost for a license for the Encoding actions plugins is just US$ 14.95, and you get access to a serial number and download link immediately!

Licensing Terms

Online activation required, using a hardware fingerprint. Installation on a second owned computer is allowed, as long as you do not share this product with another developer. Updates to future releases are free. No license is required for the end users of any products that use this plugin (like installers or AutoPlay applications). There is no limit on the number of applications you may publish using this plugin. If you have any additional questions, please use the contact form before purchasing.

Additional Resources

Please notice that Lua does not support text encoded in Unicode or UTF-8. You can use this plugin to transliterate your Unicode text to ANSI, so it can be displayed correctly in AutoPlay Media Studio, Setup Factory, TrueUpdate or Visual Patch. You can find here an example for AutoPlay Media Studio here, showing how to display 19 different languages with different character sets: Multilanguage Demo

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