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The purpose of this plugin is to access folders controlled by the File System Redirector and to read and write registry keys that are subject to Registry Redirection, as found on 64-bit operating systems. The registry functions can also be used on 32-bit operating systems, as a direct replacement for the built-in actions.

Redirected keys are mapped to physical locations under Wow6432Node. For example, HKLM\Software is redirected to HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node. However, the physical location of redirected keys should be considered reserved by the system. As the technical documentation alerts, applications should never access a key's physical location directly, because this location may change. Instead, you should always use the RegistryView parameter, which allows to set Wow64.KEY64 for operating on the 64-bit registry view, and Wow64.KEY32 for operating on the 32-bit registry view.

This plugin is very small and fast, and should be of considerable importance to developers who need to access 64-bit registry keys from a 32-bit application like Setup Factory, TrueUpdate, Visual Patch or AutoPlay Media Studio, or need to deploy a file bypassing the File System Redirector.


“This plugin is awesome and solves all problems (or almost all) of AMS8 on 64-bit systems.”
“This plugin should be included by default in AutoPlay Media Studio 8.”

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Updated: February 2014

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Additional Resources

You can find a comprehensive sample script, demonstrating all functions on this page.

Source Code

The source code for this plugin can be purchased by developers or companies, if they want to modify it or make sure that there is no issue in the code. If you are interested, please use the contact form.

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