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In this example for AutoPlay Media Studio, I show how you can receive and send email messages, without the use of plugins or external applications. Of course, you need to inform POP3 and SMTP servers in order to read and send messages.

You can check your mailbox, compose new messages, reply to messages you received, and delete messages from the server. When composing a new message or replying, you can attach a file to your message.

When receiving email messages with this demonstration application, I attempt to separate the text/plain and text/html versions of the message and show them in different objects. You can extend this sample so retrieval of attachments is possible as well.

This sample project uses LuaSocket, included in the Scripts sub folder of the project (*.apz).


Source code (*.apz)

Click to downloadFile size: 482 KB
Updated: December 2010

Completed demo project (*.exe)

Click to downloadFile size: 5.08 MB
Updated: December 2010

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