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In this example for AutoPlay Media Studio, I show how to exchange the text of various objects on the pages of a project, allowing to change the language of the whole application on-the-fly. This is a pretty complete project, however not all objects and plugins available for AMS are supported. Once you understood how easy it is to perform these tasks, you will be able to implement any missing elements you may need.



This demonstration project shows how to display text in:

  • English
  • Arabic
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Russian
  • German
  • Turkish
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • Greek
  • Thai
  • Korean
  • Romanian
  • Danish
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Hungarian
  • Czech
  • Hebrew
  • Japanese
  • Croatian
  • Polish

If you wish to add other languages, not shown in this demo, you might need to set the proper font script (charset). You can find a list of valid codes in the table below. For example, if you wish to display text in Japanese, you need to set the charset to 128, or if you need to show text in Croatian, the charset must be set to 238 (Central European).

Default (Latin)0iso-8859-1, windows-1252 
Japanese128windows-932, shift-jis 
Korean (Hangul)129windows-949, euc-kr 
Korean (Johab)130windows-1361 
Chinese (Simplified)134windows-936Used in People's Republic of China
Chinese (Traditional)136windows-950Used mostly in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao
Baltic186windows-1257Used in Northeastern Europe
Eastern Europe238windows-1250 


This demonstration uses the Language actions plugin. You can download it here.


Source code (*.apz)

Click to downloadFile size: 200 KB
Updated: March 2012

Completed demo project (*.exe)

Click to downloadFile size: 3.88 MB
Updated: April 2016


It should be very easy to understand how this sample works. Each XML file containing the language strings to be used in the objects on the page contains a simple structure to organize the texts, as shown in this image:

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