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Projetos de exemplo

Aqui você encontra diversos aplicativos criados com AutoPlay Media Studio, Setup Factory e MSI Factory, que podem ser usados para auxiliar no aprendizado do uso desses produtos.
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1 Application Window Fade In/Out
AutoPlay Media Studio: A sample project showing how to fade in and out the application window without using plugins.
2 Auto-centering objects
AutoPlay Media Studio: A template which allows to keep objects centered when the application window is resized. There is an option to resize an object when the window dimensions are changed, keeping the original aspect ratio. This is useful for projects with photos, Flash and Video objects, where you may want to use the most available space, but no distortion in the image or video.
3 Auto-resizing panels
AutoPlay Media Studio: A template with a set of panels which resize themselves according to the page size. Instead of distorting the background image, the panels keep their rounded corners, without coding.
4 Cascading Menus
AutoPlay Media Studio: Example of dynamic, collapsible navigation menus.
5 Chaining MSIs in bootstrapper
MSI Factory: Bootstrapper template for creating a single installer chaining multiple MSI packages, which are installed in a predefined order.
6 Copy serial from clipboard
Setup Factory: How to check the Windows clipboard for a text matching a serial number, and transfer this text automatically into Edit fields of the installer if found.
7 Draw Poker
AutoPlay Media Studio: A complete Five-Draw Poker card game
8 Email Client
AutoPlay Media Studio: A sample project for sending and receiving email messages, using the free LuaSocket module. No external programs or plugins are needed for sending email, even with attachments.
9 Encrypted volumes
AutoPlay Media Studio: How to load resources from an encrypted volume at runtime
10 MSI installer for both Win32 and x64 platforms
MSI Factory: Bootstrapper template for targeting both 32 and 64 bit operating systems, bundling two MSI packages into the installer and checking at runtime which one to extract and run.
11 Multilanguage Demo
AutoPlay Media Studio: A sample project that shows how to exchange the text displayed on objects based on the language (selected or detected)
12 RSS Forum Reader
AutoPlay Media Studio: A project that shows how to retrieve and parse a XML file, and build a HTML document from it
13 Shortcuts as features
Setup Factory: A sample project showing how to use the feature tree for creating shortcuts to the application
14 Showing Progress
Setup Factory, TrueUpdate, Visual Patch: How to run an installer, updater or patch executable and show the progress of the operation in your own application window.
15 Transparent Web Object
AutoPlay Media Studio: Here you can see how to make a Web Object appear as transparent on the page, by using a bit of CSS and the same image as the page as background

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