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Nesta categoria você encontra vários trechos de código em Lua, que mostram como realizar tarefas específicas rapidamente.
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1 Command Line Arguments
Here you find code samples showing how to parse command line arguments passed to your application built with AutoPlay Media Studio, Setup Factory or TrueUpdate.
2 Single Instance
Sample Lua code showing how to verify if another instance of your product is already running.
3 Center Dialogs
Sample Lua script excerpts for Setup Factory, for always centering dialogs, even when they have different sizes.
4 GetFileVersion for MSI
Sample Lua script showing how to retrieve the Version and Language strings from a MSI package.
5 Find Java home
Sample Lua script showing how to find the home folder of the Java runtime environment.
6 Find RegAsm or RegTLib
Sample Lua script showing how to locate the .NET component registration utility (RegAsm.exe) or the Microsoft Visual Studio RegTLib utility (RegTlibv12.exe).
7 Wow64 Sample Script
Sample Lua code demonstrating the use of the Wow64 actions plugin

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