Pequenos programas ou scripts que ajudam na resolução de problemas específicos quando estiver trabalhando com instaladores ou atualizadores de software.
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1 MSI Factory Project Refactoring
Conversion of an existing project, replacing Package and Upgrade Code GUIDs, as well as all Component GUIDs used in the project.
2 SUF Script Explorer
Utility for inspecting and editing Setup Factory project files.
A free Lua module for the creation of PDF documents
4 Subscription Validation
Check if a serial number has active maintenance or subsciption, before downloading required files to perform an update. Designed for update clients built with TrueUpdate and updaters created with Visual Patch.
5 Settings Migration
Utility for saving preferences, custom themes, custom screens, projects and dictionary, and restoring these files on the same or different computer. Can be used when migrating to newer equipment, even when the user name and operating system version of the source and target computer differ.
6 LuaFileSystem
Lua library developed to complement the set of functions related to file systems offered by the standard Lua distribution.
7 Serial Number Validation
Online activation system for serial numbers for installers built with Setup Factory 9.
8 Task Scheduler Actions
Task Scheduler Actions for Setup Factory makes it easier to create and delete jobs in Windows Task Scheduler from Setup Factory
9 LuaScript Highlighting
LuaScript syntax highlighter for vBulletin and phpBB forums
10 File Version
Utility for extracting the FileVersion info from a excutable file, storing it in a INI so it can be used for unattended builds

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