Serial Number Validation

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This software package allows a software publisher who uses Setup Factory to track the usage of his serial numbers. The installer will submit the registration data to a remote server, performing an online validation of the provided serial number. The encrypted reply can be used to prevent the installer from continuing the setup, or it can enable / disable / preselect packages, etc.


  • Setup Factory 9 or AutoPlay Media Studio 8
  • Crypto Actions plugin or Mcrypt plugin (part of this package)
  • PHP-enabled web server
  • MySQL database server


Using the online serial number verification system as proposed in this project, the software publisher can build installers that can only be executed a predetermined number of times. Here are some of the benefits this system offers:

  • Online activation curbs casual software piracy;
  • Optional total maximum number of installations;
  • Optional maximum number of weekly installations;
  • Optional maximum number of bimonthly installations;
  • Optional maximum number of yearly installations;
  • NEW: Optional hardware fingerprinting (installing again on the same computer, even after re-installing the operating system, does not count as new installation and does not decrease the number of remaining allowed installations);
  • Optional geolocation tracking;
  • Optional automatic blacklisting of serials;
  • Offline activation, using email for retrieval of the required activation code, if the computer where the product is being installed is not networked;
  • Custom reply per serial, which can be any string or number you might want to use to control which packages are available to the user, or which should be preselected as default.


“Wow... What a wonderful piece of software. Its taken me a year to find something like this... all the while it was compatible with the AMS and SUF software I already had. You will have me as a customer for a very long time.
Keep up the great work.”

“We are beginning to complete the tests of the Serial Number Activation System ... it works extremely well. (...) We are able to remotely turn on and turn off the user's ability to install the software.”

“Things have gone extremely well with the Online Activation System ... truly great tool.”


The full help file is available online. Please click the image below to open the current web help.


You can download the installer for the Mcrypt plugin and the PHP system below.

Please study the demonstration project for Setup Factory 9 that is included in this package, and the documentation, which contains further code samples, gotchas and hints.

Need help?

If you run into difficulties to set up your environment, you can contact me for assistance. I offer consulting services not only for Indigo Rose products, but naturally for my own software as well.

Please remember that you need to request a trial license file for the PHP files. In your message, do not forget to mention the domain name (or the full URL) where the system was installed.


Download installer

Click to downloadFile size: 12.28 MB
Current version:
Updated: September 2014
Software.Informer Virus Free award


The evaluation license file will allow you to test the system during two weeks. If you want to purchase a permanent license file for your web server and for the actions plugin after your trial, please use the button below. The cost for this software package is currently only US$ 49.95.

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If you wish, the system can be tailored further to fit your specific needs. I can provide you with a custom solution at my normal consulting rate. Please contact me for details.

Source code

The PHP source code can be made available for an additional fee, if you prefer to work with uncompiled files or are using a different PHP accelerator in your company than what was used.

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